Managing wealth

TWP is passionate about investment and has a view that is often different from the more traditional views. We have a perspective of what is going on in the economy and the markets. More importantly we actually invest our clients’ money in accordance with that view. At the heart of our investment offering is wealth preservation.

In our view, strong returns can be achieved consistently over time by using a risk focused process. We believe that the vast majority of investors prefer a smoother journey where returns are steadily compounded over time by trying to avoid the major losses of market corrections and then participating in a good proportion of the market rises. This means we may go through periods where we protect capital, rather than grow capital. We believe that this smooth and consistent investment approach where volatility is targeted and managed rather than ignored is the more effective way of protecting and increasing wealth over the longer term.


Warren Buffett, the greatest value investor in the world today has this method at the heart of his financial strategy. In fact, he only has two rules:

1. Never lose money and,

2. Never forget rule number 1!